Issuance of Secondary School lost transcripts (Bulletins)

What is the service? Am I eligible?

Transcript for lost Report Form of Secondary School to Students who successfully/not successfully completed a certain level of secondary school (S1 to S6).

Department to be approached

Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit/ Upper Secondary Desk and TVET Desk

When can I access the service?

Monday to Thursday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

Time limit to access this service? Or Once a request is made or an application is submitted, how long will it take?

15 working days

What, if any, are the costs for accessing the service?

1,000 RWF for one Transcript / Report Form

What documents are required?

• Application letter

• Filled application form

• Certificate of complete identity

• Photocopy of identity card, Certificate of Complete Identity or Judicial declaration as proof of loss of the identity

• Rwanda Revenue Authority receipt

What is the procedure?

Letter addressed to the Minister of Education accompanied in attachment with the documents mentioned above at MINEDUC reception or Central Secretariat

What, if any, other institutions do I need to visit to access the service? (eg. for payment of service costs or to get additional documents)

• Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) for payment

• Administrative Sector for Certificate of Complete Identity or National Public Prosecution Authority

Is there a complaint procedure?

Complaints can be addressed in writing to the Permanent Secretary. Applicant shall be given response in not more than 5 working days; when not satisfied, contact Minister of State or the Minister of Education

Is there any additional information regarding this service that is useful to know?

Always visit MINEDUC website: for information. For further information call on mobile number +250 788 475 225(Upper Secondary Desk) during office hours.

Available forms


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