Director General of Education Planning

The Directorate General of Education mandate is to supervise all the activities of the Basic and the Post-Basic Education units as well as Special Programmes in education within the ministry.

The Basic Education unit includes four departments namely the Pre-Primary Education department which coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Early Childhood Education and Development policy, the Adult Literacy department which coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Adult Literacy policy, the Primary Education and the Lower Secondary Education departments which implement the Nine Year Basic Education policy.

The Post-Basic Education unit comprises the Upper Secondary Education, the Higher Education and the TVET departments. These departments oversee respectively the implementation of policies related to secondary education, higher education as well as technical and vocational education and training.

The Special Programmes unit encompasses cross-cutting issues which are priorities in the education sector policy. These special programmes indeed cut across the whole sector throughout all the levels of education and this has a significant impact on the achievement of national and international development goals. These special programmes are Girls and Women Education, Special Needs Education, School Sports and Culture, as well as School Health.

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